28th edition in German and English

30. Oktober ab 18:00 Uhr

Who says, that we can´t have international improv festivals? Wer sagt, dass wir auf internationale Improfestivals verzichten müssen?
Let´s meet online, chat, learn and have a good time!
Wir treffen uns online, zum lernen, austauschen und um Spaß zu haben!

WORKSHOP 1 Shannon Stott "Mindereading for improvisors"

WORKSHOP 2 Delia Ricia "Virtual characters"

WORKSHOP 3 Todd Houseman "Oral history and improvisation"

WORKSHOP 4 Doug Nunn "Deine liebste Beziehungsszene"

WORKSHOP 5 Melanie Baumann "Finde Deine Figur"

WORKSHOP 6 Terje Brevik "How to say NO in improv and still have a good time!"


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Hey world - we are the Impro Fest Online, the first fully digital improfestival. Created in times of crisis, 100% virus-free and with a lot of community power.


We are a wild group of professional improvisers from all over Germany who have teamed up with the aim of providing a little distraction and joy in crazy times.


At the moment there are no presentations and workshops and that is an unsightly reality for both the artists and the audience. We can't stop the virus - but if we can do something, it's one thing: improvising. We take care of a lot of improv and ensure that our art form lives on in quarantine at home. Who says that you can't use this time to learn new things and exchange ideas online with others? We see the crisis as an opportunity - and together with you we are discovering a whole new digital improworld.


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  • Ticket sales end 2 hours before the workshop begins

  • Zoom Links are included in the Ticket, send by our partner YesTicket

The Improfestival Online reminds me of the films with Macaulay Culkin. We have an entire house with many rooms available online and can enjoy our freedom, but it is also threatened by uncertainty, fears and worries at all times. That is why the art of dealing with the unknown is so valuable right now. This is about the chance to make a difference, the opportunities that new technologies offer us and the humanity that also wants to be preserved in isolation. Alone at home, together in the world.


“How wonderful. A light in the darkness.” 

—  Patti Stiles

Das Team

Lena Breuer

Cologne, Impro Köln

Veronika Pammer

Cologne, The Life Unscene

Nick Maaß

Bielefeld, Fliege am Tatort

Jens Wienand
Improtheater Mannheim


Roland Trescher


Christl Sittenauer

Munich, Bühnenpolka

Jan-Henrik Sievers

Hamburg, Steife Brise

Claudia Behlendorf

Mainz, Die Affirmative

Paul Ziehmer

Mainz, Die Affirmative

Ben Hartwig

Cologne, Neuroblitz

Thorsten Brand

Hamburg, Steife Brise

Torsten Voller

Hamburg, Steife Brise

Stefan Kollmeier

Darmstadt, #Rational-verrückt

Ilka Luza

Tobias Zettelmeier

München, Bühnenpolka

Mario Faiella

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